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Health care elected a Democratic majority in the U.S. House of Representatives in 2018 and health care is the issue voters most want Congress to address in 2019. Americans sent a clear message on election day. They want lower costs and better care and the Democrats in Congress are now pursuing that agenda.

The ACA anniversary on March 23rd, is a critical opportunity to tell that story to the American people.

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Voters sent a clear message last November: STOP trying to repeal the #ACA and instead they want Republicans and Democrats to keep what works and fix what doesn’t. #ProtectOurCare #ACAanniversary

If the @GOP makes this the last #ACAanniversary, people over the age of 50 could face a $4,000 “age tax” and seniors would have to pay more for prescription drugs. #ProtectOurCare

Because of the #ACA, 17 million Americans gained health coverage. #ProtectOurCare #ACAanniversary

Because of the #ACA, insurers can no longer charge women more than men for the same care. #ProtectOurCare #ACAanniversary

Because of the #ACA, insurers in the individual market can no longer drop or deny coverage, or charge you more, because of a pre-existing condition. #ProtectOurCare #ACAanniversary