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What We Do

Leading the Fight for Better Health Care and Lower Costs For All

Advocate for Policy Change to Congress and the Executive Branch

The extensive health policy experience and deep and strong relationships that our team has with leadership and staff in Congress and at the White House gives Protect Our Care unparalleled influence over national health policy making. 

Organize and Communicate in Communities Across the Country 

In 2022, Protect Our Care has teams in 14 states: Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Nevada, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and West Virginia. In 2021, our state programs held 161 events featuring 14 Senators, 45 U.S. Representatives and 128 state and local elected officials. Our events included the active participation of 322 citizen advocates and storytellers and generated 310 clips and op-eds. 

Create Narratives and Messaging That  Are Used by the Media, Members of Congress and our Partners

We commission polling on health care issues that informs our messaging and enables us to run tightly orchestrated, narrative-shaping initiatives that integrate the voices of policy makers with those of people who are directly impacted by health care policies. We share and evangelize those narratives and results across a broad spectrum of allies and audiences.

Educate and Engage

We produce dozens of reports and fact sheets that summarize complex health care policy ideas for our partners and grassroots activists. We also host virtual and in person events with media, citizens, Members of Congress, and other elected officials.

Our annual bus tour connects health care activists with each other, with the media and with their elected officials. In 2021, our bus tour included 31 events in 16 states with 13 Members of Congress, 40 state and local elected officials, and 42 citizen advocates and storytellers. In fall 2022, our bus, called “Care First One” will visit at least 20 states.

Amplify the Voices of Health Care Storytellers

We have the largest and most effective network of health care storytellers in the country. This extraordinary group of people, from all demographic backgrounds, and from all walks of life, are eager to tell their personal stories about how having access to high quality and affordable health care saved their life and/or the life of someone they love.