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Call Your Senator and Tell Them To Support The Build Back Better Act

(202) 224-3121

The Build Back Better Act:

  • Lowers health care costs, expands coverage, and expands Medicare benefits
  • Gives Medicare the power to negotiate for lower prices for seniors
  • Caps seniors’ out-of-pocket expenses for drugs at $2,000 a year and insulin at $35 a month for all Americans with insurance
  • Stops drug company egregious price increases 
  • Expands Medicare to cover hearing aids 
  • Lowers insurance premiums for people who buy their own insurance
  • Closes the Medicaid coverage gap, providing coverage to 2.2 million Americans

We need the Senate to act quickly to get this to President Biden’s desk. If you’re with us in the fight to lower drug prices and expand health care in America, call your Senator right now and tell them to vote YES on the Build Back Better Act.