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4 New Polls: OVERWHELMING Support for Lowering Health Care Costs in the Inflation Reduction Act

By August 3, 2022No Comments

Four new polls show one unmistakable conclusion – the Inflation Reduction Act has overwhelming support from every group of Americans and the most popular items are those addressing health care costs. The plan will bring down the price of prescription drugs by giving Medicare the power to negotiate lower prices and lower health insurance premiums for millions of Americans. 

Take a look for yourself.

Morning Consult/Politico finds:

– 73% support for “allowing Medicare to negotiate some prescription drug prices”

– 76% support for “placing caps on prescription drug price increases”

– 73% support for “limiting annual out-of-pocket prescription drug costs for Medicare beneficiaries to $2,000”

– 56% support for “extending Affordable Care Act subsidies that are set to expire at the end of the year”

Navigator Research finds strong support by 41-points (65-24%) for Biden and Democrats’ new economic plan, known as the Inflation Reduction Act

  • Independents: +40 (61-21%)
  • Among Non-College College Educated: +41 (64-23%)
  • Among Educated: +43 (69-26%)

Data for Progress finds strong support +51 (73-22%) support for the Inflation Reduction Act.

Yahoo News/YouGov poll finds  61% support (14% oppose) lowering “the cost of prescription drugs by allowing Medicare to negotiate drug prices for the first time while capping out-of-pocket costs at $2,000 a year” in the Inflation Reduction Act”

– Among people 65+, support reaches 72-11%.

– Among independents, support reaches 61-13%