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Another Day, More Polling Shows Health Care Backlash Against GOP

By September 24, 2018No Comments

FOX POLL: Dems hold 15 Point Advantage on Health Care, Health Care #1 Issue

New polls from the weekend give further evidence to the supercharged backlash against Republican for trying to repeal health care – gutting protections for pre-existing conditions and raising costs, especially for people over 50.

“Every poll shows that voters have uncovered the truth about the Republican health care repeal and they don’t like what they see,” said Brad Woodhouse, executive director of Protect Our Care. “Republicans can’t defend their indefensible plan to rip health care away from people with pre-existing conditions and raise costs, especially on seniors, while giving tax breaks to their insurance and drug company donors.”

A FOX News Poll Shows:

  • Voters disapprove of Trump’s handling of health care by 14 points (39-53 percent). This margin grows to 24 points among independents (28-52 percent).
  • When making their decision of who to vote for, voters say health care is their #1 issue (59 percent extremely important and 27 percent very important).
  • By 15 points (49-34 percent), voters say Democrats are doing a better job on health care than Republicans. The lead grows to 16 points (51-35 percent) with likely voters and holds up at 12 points (48-36 percent) even with voters over 45 years old.
  • For the first time in their survey since the Affordable Care Act passed, less than 40 percent believe the law went too far (only 37 percent). In fact, 54 percent believe either didn’t go far enough (31 percent) or was about right (23 percent).

A CBS Battleground Survey Shows:

  • Seventy percent of voters in these battleground districts say health care will be a very important issue in their vote, just ahead of Supreme Court appointments (66 percent), immigration (63 percent), and gun policy (60 percent).
  • Health care ranks number one on the list of “very important” issues to voters. Eighty-seven percent of Democrats say it is very important, as do 64 percent of independents.