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As Momentum Builds on Historic Reconciliation Vote, Protect Our Care Condemns Big Pharma For $100+ Million Lobbying Campaign to Protect Profits

By August 2, 2022No Comments

New TV Ad and Lite Brite Demonstration Call on Lawmakers to Act Now and Rein in Big Pharma’s Reckless Greed

Yesterday, Protect Our Care hosted a Lite-Brite demonstration with health care activists outside of PhRMA’s headquarters urging the Democrats in Congress to rein in Big Pharma’s greed and deliver real relief to millions of families. Protect Our Care also launched a new television ad condemning drug companies for doing everything in their power to protect their profits and block reform to lower prescription drug costs for the American people. The events come as momentum builds on Capitol Hill for passing Democrats’ historic Inflation Reduction Act.  

President Biden and Democrats are on the cusp of driving down health care costs and leveling the playing field for working families by including Medicare negotiation and other key health care priorities in their reconciliation package. These provisions stand to benefit millions of Americans, particularly seniors, women, people with disabilities, and Black and Brown communities. However, big drug companies have spent more than $100 million lobbying, political contributions, and misleading advertisements this year alone to block any reform that reduces drug prices at the expense of their sky-high profits. Leading up to the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act, Protect Our Care will continue its activities urging Congress to put an end to drug company greed now.