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“Big Pharma Gets A Big Win”: Trump’s Phony Prescription Drug Speech By the Headlines

By May 12, 2018No Comments

Yesterday, President Trump once again choose big drug companies over everyday Americans. His plan broke his promise to do the one thing that would lower prices for tens of millions, allow Medicare to negotiate for a fair price, and its clear winners were the nation’s largest pharmaceutical companies, which saw their stock prices surge after his remarks. Here’s how it was covered, by the headlines:

Wall Street Journal: Trump’s Plan to Cut Drug Prices Leaves Industry Relieved

Bloomberg: Trump’s ‘Sweeping’ Drug-Price Plan Comes Up Short

Reuters: RPT-Trump plan for drug prices seen largely sparing industry

Huffington Post: Trump’s Plan On Prescription Drug Prices Looks Nothing Like What He Promised

Associated Press: President Trump’s Plan to Lower Drug Prices Spares Pharma Industry

Yahoo Finance: Trump lets drug companies off the hook

The Atlantic: Big Pharma Gets a Big Win From Trump

Washington Examiner: Big Pharma largely unscathed by Trump’s drug-price crackdown

Bio Pharma Dive: Pharma breathes easy as Trump’s drug pricing plan fizzles

Chicago Tribune: Trump’s plan to reduce drug prices doesn’t include campaign pledge to allow Medicare to negotiate prices

Endpoints News: Trump’s ‘sweeping action’ to lower drug prices mocked by analysts as relieved investors trigger rally in Big Pharma stocks

Vice: Trump Officially Backed Out of His Own Plan to Make Drugs Cheaper

Kaiser Health News: Trump Vows (Again) To Lower Drug Prices But Skeptics Doubt Much Will Change

Investor’s Business Daily: Biopharma Stocks Fly As Trump Speech Seen As ‘More Bark Than Bite’

San Francisco Chronicle: Editorial: Trump’s new drug price strategy won’t change the status quo

New York Daily News: Our opinion: Trump’s bitter pill: His prescription drug plan is weak in one of the most important areas