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BREAKING: J&J and Astellas Join Legal Battle to Protect Their Profits and Rip Away Drug Savings for Millions of Seniors

By July 18, 2023No Comments

Two More Drug Companies Join Effort to Stop Medicare From Negotiating Lower Drug Prices 

Washington, D.C. – Today, Johnson & Johnson-owned Janssen Pharmaceuticals joined Astellas Pharma, Merck, Bristol Myers Squibb, PhRMA, and Chambers of Commerce in suing to stop Medicare from using its new power to negotiate lower drug prices. The lawsuits baselessly challenge the constitutionality of the Inflation Reduction Act’s Medicare Prescription Drug Negotiation Program, which will lower drug costs for millions of people on Medicare. Nearly one year ago, President Biden and Congressional Democrats achieved a historic victory against drug companies in enacting the Negotiation Program, making prescription drugs more affordable for American patients who pay up to four times more for the same drugs as people in other wealthy countries. 

In response, Protect Our Care Executive Director Brad Woodhouse issued a statement:

“Drug companies’ greed knows no bounds. While Americans are cutting pills and skipping doses, pharmaceutical companies are putting all of their energy into suing the federal government to protect their ability to charge patients outrageous prices to pad their sky-high profits. Big drug companies spent record amounts on lobbying to kill the Inflation Reduction Act, and now they are doing everything in their power to stop the law from delivering lower costs to patients. The American people will suffer if drug companies get their way.”