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TODAY: Congresswoman Hillary Scholten to Join Protect Our Care Michigan to Push Back on Proposed Cuts to Medicaid and Work to Protect Coverage for Vulnerable Citizens

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Protect Our Care is Highlighting Medicaid’s Critical Role in America and Making Clear the Dire Consequences of Potential Cuts to Medicaid Funding   

Lansing, Michigan — On Thursday, May 2, at 9:30 AM, U.S. Representative Hillary Scholten (D-MI-03) and U.S Department of Health and Human Services Regional Director Michael Cabonargi will join Protect Our Care Michigan to highlight the vital role the Medicaid program serves in providing affordable health care coverage and access to services for Michiganders. One in four Americans relies on Medicaid for access to health care, and the program serves people from all backgrounds, including children, mothers, people of color, people with disabilities, working families, rural Americans, and seniors.

In April, we wrapped the seventh annual Medicaid Awareness Month. Speakers will discuss what President Biden and Democrats in Congress have done to strengthen Medicaid in the face of ongoing attacks from Republicans who want to severely cut funding for the program and limit access to care. 

Democrats have created incentives for states to expand Medicaid through the Affordable Care Act, stopped onerous work requirements, pushed for expanded postpartum coverage, and worked to minimize the impacts of Medicaid unwinding. Meanwhile, Republicans have proposed slashing trillions of dollars from Medicaid through capping federal funding and other draconian measures designed to reduce the number of Medicaid beneficiaries through bureaucratic tripwires that kick them off the program. If Republicans get their way and repeal Medicaid expansion, about 1 million Michiganders’ coverage will be at risk. When it comes to health care, the contrast between Democrats and Republicans health care agenda couldn’t be clearer.

U.S. Representative Hillary Scholten (D-MI-03)
U.S. DHHS Regional Director Michael Cabonargi
Ashlea Phenicie, Chief Advocacy Officer, Planned Parenthood of Michigan
Chloe Bayer, Benefits Specialist, Disability Advocates of Kent County.
Kristen Kelling, Kent County resident living with a disability

WHAT: Virtual Press Conference

WHEN: Thursday, May 2, at 9:30 AM ET 

WHERE: Register to join the Zoom event (Registration required)