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Coronavirus: Trump vs. Reality

By February 25, 2020No Comments

Despite President Trump repeatedly claiming that the spread of coronavirus in the United States is “under control,” reality would beg to differ. Today, the CDC issued a dire warning to Americans that an outbreak of coronavirus is “inevitable,” as experts and lawmakers pan the Trump administration’s readiness for such an event. What’s been made clear today is that Trump’s rosy rhetoric is geared toward propping up the stock market and his reelection chances and simply does not match the grim reality of the situation at hand. 

Trump Reality
Coronavirus Is “Very Well Under Control In Our Country.” [Donald Trump, Press Conference, New Delhi, India, 2/25/20U.S. Coronavirus Outbreak Inevitable, CDC Official Says. [Politico, 2/25/20
“I Think That We’re Doing A Great Job.” [Donald Trump, Press Conference, New Delhi, India, 2/25/20Trump’s Flailing Incompetence Makes Coronavirus Even Scarier. [Vox, 2/25/20
“We’re Down To Probably About 10 [Cases]. Most Of The People Are Outside Of Danger Right Now.” [Donald Trump, Press Conference, New Delhi, India, 2/25/2053 People In The U.S. Diagnosed With Coronavirus. [Axios, 2/25/20
“I Was Right” About Coronavirus Response. [@realDonaldTrump, 2/25/20Trump Has Sabotaged America’s Coronavirus Response. [Foreign Policy, 1/31/20
“Stock Market Starting To Look Very Good To Me!” [@realDonaldTrump, 2/24/20U.S. Stocks Plunge As Coronavirus Crisis Spreads. [New York Times, 2/24/20
“We Have It Very Much Under Control In This Country.”  [Donald Trump, Remarks Before Marine One Departure, Washington, DC, 2/23/20] Coronavirus-Infected Americans Flown Home Against CDC’s Advice. [Washington Post, 2/20/20]  
“It’s Going To Work Out Fine.” [KSAZ, 2/19/20Trump Has Already Hamstrung The U.S.’s Coronavirus Response. [Vanity Fair, 2/24/20
“Everyone Is Saying We Did A Good Job.” [Donald Trump, Remarks to the National Border Patrol Council, Washington, DC, 2/14/20Why the Trump Administration’s Coronavirus Response Continues To Raise Concerns. [New York Magazine, 2/24/20
“We’re In Very Good Shape.” [Donald Trump, Remarks to the National Border Patrol Council, Washington, DC, 2/14/20US Underprepared For Coronavirus Due To Trump Cuts, Say Health Experts. [The Guardian, 1/31/20
“We Think And We Hope, Based On All Signs That The Problem Goes Away In April.” [Geraldo in Cleveland, 2/13/20CDC Contradicts Trump’s Prediction That Coronavirus Will ‘Miraculously’ Go Away by April. [Daily Best, 2/14/20
“The Virus Is Going To Be — It’s Going To Be Fine.” [Fox Business, 2/10/20The Coronavirus Gives Trump His Biggest Outbreak Emergency Yet — And Experts Are Worried. [Stat, 1/28/20
“We’re In Great Shape.” [Donald Trump, Remarks to the Governors’ Business Session, Washington, DC, 2/10/20Coronavirus Is Coming—And Trump Isn’t Ready. [The Atlantic, 1/30/20

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