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Driving the Day: As reported by Politico, “HHS Secretary Alex Azar can’t say how many Americans have been tested for coronavirus because private labs don’t need to report their numbers to the federal government. ‘I could not give you a number of how many Americans have received a test,’ Azar said Monday at a briefing of the White House’s coronavirus task force.’”

What to Watch For: President Trump announced Monday evening that he will hold a press conference after meeting with GOP senators on an economic stimulus package today, however this does not appear on his official schedule for the day. Vice President Pence will meet with health insurance executives today. Members of the task force will hold a press briefing at 5:30 PM. HHS Secretary Alex Azar will attend a biosimilars forum and give an update on the administration’s coronavirus response.

Coronavirus Update 

  • While the stock market fell more than 7 percent in its worst day since 2008, Trump and Pence tried to “re-assure GOP donors that they have coronavirus response under control” and invited Wall Street executives to the White House on Wednesday to discuss the response. On Monday, Trump attended a $4 million fundraiser in Longwood, Florida before returning to Washington to address the crisis. In the Senate, Senator Chuck Grassley said his office was exploring “the possibility of targeted tax relief measures” as an approach to the coronavirus crisis and HHS Secretary Alex Azar said that “the fundamentals in this economy are unbelievable”

  • In an evening task force press conference President Trump briefly appeared to announce that his administration will meet with Republican Senators tomorrow to seek a payroll tax cut and possible help for hourly wage earners so they don’t miss a paycheck or “get penalized for something that’s not their fault.” Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi said any payroll tax cut should focus on families affected by the virus and Republicans have indicated that they won’t support a bailout for the travel industry at this time.

  • As President Trump tweeted that “nothing is shut down” and minimized the number of cases of coronavirus in the country, Alex Azar appeared on Fox News insisting that “nobody is trying to minimize” the threat of the virus. On the tarmac in Orlando, Trump shook hands with dozens of supporters, defying advice from his own public health experts and the Trump campaign plans to announce an upcoming rally today. White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham insisted that White House staff are continuing “business as usual” and that reports that staff were instructed to limit meetings and in-person interactions were “completely false.”

  • Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) and Rep. Doug Collins (R-GA) announced that they would self-quarantine after coming in contact with a coronavirus patient at CPAC. Both Gaetz and Collins have had close contact with Trump, including handshakes in the last few days. Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) has chosen not to self-quarantine despite being in close proximity to the patient at CPAC. Newly minted White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows is self-quarantining for a few days out of an abundance of caution following an encounter with the CPAC patient and a negative test result and Rep. Julia Brownly (D-CA) is working remotely after meeting with a person in DC who was diagnosed with coronavirus. Nancy Pelosi is insisting that the capitol will not be closed and regular congressional work will continue. Late Monday night, the White House announced that the president has not been tested for coronavirus because he has not had “prolonged close contact” with any known confirmed patients.

  • House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy appeared on Laura Ingraham’s show to praise the president’s response to the coronavirus crisis, which he referred to as the “Chinese coronavirus. According to McCarthy, “Everything this president has done is right and smart. The Chinese are the ones to be blamed here.” This came amid reports that some Trump allies see the crisis as an opportunity to pursue long-held goals of cracking down on border restrictions, passing more tax cuts and restricting trade with China.

By The Numbers
Tuesday, March 10, 2020, 7:00 AM
Number of US cases: 729
Number of US deaths: 26
Number of states with confirmed cases: 36
Number of tests conducted: Unknown

Federal Response
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Congressional Activity
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Affordability and Access
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Campaigns and Elections
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Economic Impacts
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In The States
San Francisco Chronicle: ‘I’m scared’: Homeless people and health workers brace for coronavirus to hit encampments
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New York
The Hill: Cuomo challenges Purell, Amazon, eBay by introducing New York-made hand sanitizer
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Oregonian: Oregon’s supply of coronavirus tests could run out Wednesday without infusion of kits from feds

Bloomberg: Seattle’s Patient Zero Spread Coronavirus Despite Ebola-Style Lockdown

Washington, DC
Washingtonian: DC Outlets Ask Reporters Who Covered CPAC to Self-Quarantine Due to Coronavirus Concerns

Trump Tweets
“So last year 37,000 Americans died from the common Flu. It averages between 27,000 and 70,000 per year. Nothing is shut down, life & the economy go on. At this moment there are 546 confirmed cases of CoronaVirus, with 22 deaths. Think about that!” [@realDonaldTrump, 3/9/20]

“Saudi Arabia and Russia are arguing over the price and flow of oil. That, and the Fake News, is the reason for the market drop!” [@realDonaldTrump, 3/9/20]

“Good for the consumer, gasoline prices coming down!” [@realDonaldTrump, 3/9/20]

“So much FAKE NEWS!” [@realDonaldTrump, 3/9/20]

“The BEST decision made was the toughest of them all – which saved many lives. Our VERY early decision to stop travel to and from certain parts of the world!” [@realDonaldTrump, 3/9/20]

“Great job being done by the @VP and the CoronaVirus Task Force. Thank you!” [@realDonaldTrump, 3/9/20]