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Donald Trump Is Responsible for Premium Increases

By June 23, 2018No Comments

This afternoon in Nevada, President Trump attempted to blame the rising premiums Americans are seeing due to actions by his Administration on the Affordable Care Act. Protect Our Care Executive Director Brad Woodhouse released the following statement in response:

“Donald Trump has waged a vengeful campaign which has harmed Americans’ health insurance from the moment he took office. He has supported every health care repeal bill, attempted to tank open enrollment, and introduced alternative junk plans have been projected to increase premiums by as much as twenty percent. As insurance companies announce their proposed rate increases for next year, they are continuously citing actions by the Administration as responsible for the increase. President Trump and Congressional Republicans like Dean Heller should be working on common-sense, bipartisan solutions to lower Americans’ costs rather than lighting the match that starts the fire and then blaming the house for burning down.”