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Dr. Hiral Tipirneni, Former Mayor Greg Stanton, State Rep. Kelli Butler, and Mayor Anna Tovar Join Arizonans with Pre-Existing Conditions to Demand that Republicans #ProtectOurCare

By October 17, 2018No Comments

“Care Force One” Makes Stop in Phoenix on National Bus Tour

(Phoenix, Arizona) – Today, Dr. Hiral Tipirneni, Former Mayor Greg Stanton, State Rep. Kelli Butler, and Mayor Anna Tovar joined Jeff Jeans, Steven Gomez, and Arizonans with pre-existing conditions at the Arizona State Capitol to speak out against the devastating repercussions of health care repeal. You can watch the press conference here.

The event was part of Protect Our Care’s nationwide bus tour calling attention to Republicans’ attempts to sabotage health care, including a lawsuit signed onto by Attorney General Mark Brnovich that would gut protections for Arizonans with pre-existing conditions.

The 2,763,200 Arizonans living with a pre-existing condition would be in jeopardy if a judge sides with Attorney General Brnovich, President Trump, and the GOP in their lawsuit.

“Republicans in Congress have waged a war on those in our community who live with pre-existing conditions, undermining their access to health care nearly every opportunity they had,” State Rep. Kelli Butler said. “It’s critical that we all take action and fight for affordable healthcare.”

Dr. Hiral Tipirneni said, “I have seen how a lack of access to quality health care affects Arizonans. It is imperative that our leaders stand up and speak out against any effort to sabotage the health care of hardworking families across our state. I will continue to fight, as should every one of our elected officials.”

“We need responsible leaders that are going to protect access to care and fight for people with pre-existing conditions,” former Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton echoed. “The American people are not going to accept their care being put at risk because of irresponsible tax breaks for the wealthy. People here in Arizona are standing up and saying that it’s not right; we must protect our care.“

“Republicans in Washington and the Arizona Statehouse aren’t sticking up for health care protections or working with Democrats to lower costs. Instead, they are ending protections for people with pre-existing conditions, driving up costs, and cutting coverage,” Tolleson Mayor Anna Tovar said.

Jeff Jeans, a Nevadan with a pre-existing condition, said, “I am alive today because of the ACA. But I need to keep my health care, as do 130 million with pre-existing conditions. That’s why we’re here – to hold Republicans accountable for their votes to take away our care.”

Steve Gomez, who son has a pre-existing condition, said “Republicans are using every trick in the book to take away the health care of millions. Arizonans are sick and tired, and we are not going to take it anymore.”

“The stakes have never been higher for Arizonans’ health care,” said Morgan Tucker of Protect Our Care Arizona. “Since the enactment of the Affordable Care Act, almost 410,000 Arizonans have gained health insurance. This is all in jeopardy due to Republicans’ repeal and sabotage agenda, including Attorney General Mark Brnovich’s ludicrous lawsuit and Rep. Martha McSally’s vote to repeal health care. Arizonans want this Republican war on health care to end, plain and simple. That’s why we’re here today.”

The bus heads to Tucson later this afternoon before traveling to New Mexico. More details about upcoming stops can be found here.