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Editorial Roundup: Across the Country, Standing Up to Health Care Sabotage

By May 30, 2018No Comments

Across the country, editorial boards are speaking out against Republicans’ repeal-and-sabotage war on health care as rising costs and higher uninsurance rates take a toll on American communities:

San Antonio Express-News: Health Care Numbers Moving In The Wrong Direction. [5/27/18]

Los Angeles Times: CA Should Fight The Good Fight Against Bad Health Insurance Policies. [5/25/18]

Boston Globe: Repeal Failed, But The GOP’s ACA Attack Continues. [5/12/18]

Charlotte Observer: Get ready for Obamacare Sticker Shock. [5/9/18]

Valley News: Health-Care Sabotage Begins to Kick In. [5/7/18]

Washington Post: Americans Are Starting To Suffer From Trump’s Health Care Sabotage. [5/6/18]

Florida Times-Union: Obamacare has become Trumpcare. [4/12/18]

Des Moines Register: Elected officials undermine Iowans’ health insurance. [4/3/18]

Minneapolis Star Tribune: Sabotaging the Affordable Care Act will lead to pricier insurance. [3/27/18]

Portland Press Herald: Republicans responsible for looming chaos in health care marketplaces. [3/22/18]

Star-Ledger: State Lawmakers Must Rescue Obamacare. [3/11/18]

St. Louis Post-Dispatch: In Iron County, the rural health care catastrophe comes home. [3/8/18]

New York Times: Trump Tries to Kill Obamacare By A Thousand Cuts. [2/21/18]

Los Angeles Times: The Trump administration wants to cut premiums for the healthy at the expense of the sick. Again. [2/21/18]