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Federal Judge Puts The Breaks On Trump’s Birth Control Rules

By January 14, 2019No Comments

Washington DC — Over the weekend, news broke that a federal judge blocked the Trump administration’s request to implement new rules that would make it easier for employers to deny women health insurance coverage for contraceptives. Anne Shoup, communications director of Protect Our Care issued the following statement in response to the Trump administration’s latest attempt to sabotage health care:

“There’s no doubt that the Trump administration will stop at nothing to prevent millions of Americans from gaining access to affordable health care. These new rules are just another desperate attempt by President Trump to rip away long-standing health care protections for women across the nation. But let’s be clear: millions of women have reliable access to reproductive care because of the Affordable Care Act. Under the ACA, contraception is covered as a preventive health service, meaning most employers and insurers are required to provide coverage at no charge. Because this ruling blocked Trump’s latest sabotage efforts, millions of women still have access to birth control — a critical piece of their reproductive care. But the fight isn’t over. We must remain vigilant and continue to block all attempts to take women back to the days when insurance companies had the power to deny, drop, or charge them more for coverage.”