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HEADLINES: Trump Can’t Stop Lying About His Administration’s Response to the Coronavirus Pandemic

By March 14, 2020No Comments

Yesterday, President Trump held a press conference to declare a national state of emergency to the growing coronavirus outbreak sweeping the country. Coverage however shows that the president’s press conference was filled with blatant lies and misinformation. President Trump also refused to “take any responsibility at all” for his administration’s disastrous response to the crisis. 

Business Insider: Trump says Google is building a website to help with coronavirus tests — but his announcement seems to have been misleading
CNBC: US officials shake hands, touch their faces and share a microphone at coronavirus press briefing
CNN: Google says it’s not publishing a national-scale coronavirus site anytime soon after Trump announcement
Daily Beast: Google: Coronavirus Testing Site Announced by Trump Still in ‘Early Stages’
New York Times: Trump’s False Claims About His Response to the Coronavirus
The Verge: Contrary to Trump’s claim, Google is not building a nationwide coronavirus screening website
Vox: “I don’t take responsibility at all”: Trump continues downplaying coronavirus threat
Washington Post: Trump declares national emergency over coronavirus, but questions raised about what’s next
Washington Post: Trump says he will partner with private sector to expand coronavirus testing but details are sketchy
Wired: Trump Caught Google Off Guard With a Bogus Coronavirus Site Announcement