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House Democrats Take Action to Improve and Expand Access to Health Care in Heroes Act

House Coronavirus Relief Bill Addresses Health Care Challenges Exacerbated By the Coronavirus Crisis

Washington, DC — Today, the House unveiled its next coronavirus relief package that expands access to affordable health care and stops efforts by the administration to take away core health care protections during this crisis. The bill introduced today includes provisions to allow the uninsured to purchase coverage through the ACA, increases federal funds to support state Medicaid programs and adequately funds testing and contact tracing to slow the spread of the virus. Furthermore, these provisions are overwhelmingly supported by the American public according to recent polling. In response to the bill unveiled today, Protect Our Care Chair Leslie Dach released the following statement: 

“More Americans will get sick or die during this crisis because they are uninsured or do not have access to affordable quality care, especially when millions of Americans have lost their jobs and their existing health insurance. Since day one of his presidency, Donald Trump has waged a war on Americans’ health care, and his attacks on the Affordable Care Act and Medicaid are even more dangerous during this crisis. Today’s bill includes critical health care provisions that ensure Americans get the affordable health care they need. The provisions to open a special enrollment period for the Affordable Care Act and increase outreach for the uninsured are overwhelmingly popular with the majority of Americans regardless of political party. By putting Americans’ health care needs front and center, House Democrats are tackling the problems exacerbated by this crisis head on, and expanding access to health care at a time when it’s never been more critical.”