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In Supreme Court Hearing Focused on the Future of the Health Care Law, Republicans and Judge Barrett Do Nothing to Ease the Fact That Her Nomination Is Being Rushed to Strike Down the ACA

By October 13, 2020No Comments

Washington, DC — During day two of Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s Supreme Court confirmation hearings, the nominee and Republican Judiciary Committee members continued to dodge accountability when it comes to Americans’ health care. Republicans on the committee used their remarks to bash the Affordable Care Act, and Trump’s anti-ACA nominee, Judge Coney Barrett, did her best to obscure her views from the public when faced with questions from Democratic Judiciary Committee members about her history of hostile statements about the health care law. Democrats continued to raise alarms about the consequences of dismantling the ACA during a pandemic and lifted up stories of Americans who depend on the law. Judge Coney Barrett is being rushed onto the court to be the deciding vote to strike down the ACA in Trump’s lawsuit, which the Supreme Court will hear one week after the election. In response, Protect Our Care Executive Director Brad Woodhouse issued the following statement:

“Today’s hearing made clear what we’ve known all along. Republicans will stop at nothing to confirm President Trump’s anti-ACA nominee, Judge Amy Coney Barrett, to the nation’s highest court while voters are already casting their ballots. They know this is their last chance to accomplish what they haven’t been able to do legislatively — completely overturn the Affordable Care Act. Republicans don’t care that this is an illegitimate process. They don’t care that more than 135 million Americans with pre-existing conditions would lose the protections they rely on. They don’t care that striking down the ACA would throw our entire health care system into chaos during a pandemic, and they don’t care that they have no health care plan to replace it. They only care about installing Judge Coney Barrett on the Supreme Court to rip away Americans’ health care. Democrats on the committee made clear what the consequences of striking down the law would be for the American people, and Republicans must know the consequences they will soon face at the polls for their relentless war on American health care.”