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IN THE NEWS: Americans Across the Country Read and Heard How the Inflation Reduction Act is Lowering Health Care Costs

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Protect Our Care’s “Lower Costs, Better Care” Bus Tour Sparked Conversation Traveling Across 14 States, Making Over 25 Stops and Covering Nearly 8,000 Miles in Four Weeks

This summer, President Biden and Congressional Democrats are celebrating the one-year anniversary of the Inflation Reduction Act. Between lowering premium costs by 151 percent on average, capping insulin costs, and stopping Big Pharma’s egregious price hikes, the new legislation is already working for the American people. Seniors’ drug costs will be capped at $2,000 annually, and Medicare can finally negotiate lower drug prices — no thanks to Republicans who unanimously voted to maintain the status quo and keep health care costs high.

The “Lower Costs, Better Care” four-week tour celebrated the work of lawmakers who are fighting tirelessly to improve health care and hold Republicans accountable. Event speakers included 11 members of Congress, 3 administration officials, 26 state and local elected officials, and 51 advocates and storytellers. From New Hampshire to California, here is what people were reading during the August recess. 

Here’s a sampling of headlines from across the country:

(NY) Mid Hudson Valley News: Protect Our Care Group Brings Bus Tour to Ulster County. “‘Greed is not good. Any individual that calls themselves a public servant, while at the same time working to keep, or make it more difficult for you to vote, or is trying to undermine your ability to collectively bargain or supports big pharma at the expense of your health and wellbeing is lying to you when they call themselves a public servant. They are not a friend of the people.’ State Lt. Governor Antonio Delgado said.” [Mid Hudson Valley News, 8/1/23]

(NY) Daily Freeman: In Kingston, New York Democrats Blast Efforts to Repeal Drug Pricing Controls. “Lt. Governor Antonio Delgado blasted House Republicans efforts to repeal drug pricing measures in the Inflation Reduction Act and litigation brought by pharmaceutical companies to limit the power of Medicare to negotiate prices, saying Tuesday that if elected officials weren’t interested in protecting healthcare for vulnerable communities, the should ‘get out of politics.’” [Daily Freeman, 8/1/23]

(NY) Hudson Valley Press: “Lower Costs, Better Care” Tour Stop in Kingston. “Protect Our Care’s Care Force One arrived in Kingston to spotlight how recent legislative victories by President Biden and Democrats in Congress are “driving down” health costs for the American people.” [Hudson Valley Press, 8/9/23]

(NY) Westchester Examiner News: Bus Tour Celebrates Anniversary of Inflation Reduction Act. “It’s the fifth coast to coast tour spanning 16 states and 8,000 miles led by Protect Our Care, a non-profit organization dedicated to making high quality, affordable and equitable health care a right, and not a privilege, for everyone in America.” [Westchester Examiner News, 8/14/23]

(PA) Daily Courier: Davis Headlines Lower Costs, Better Care Stop in Uniontown. “‘The Inflation Reduction Act touches nearly every household in America, whether you’re a senior or individual with a disability struggling to afford prescription drugs, a family purchasing your own coverage, or a taxpayer who is sick and tired of lining the pockets of Big Pharma.’ said Protect our Care Pennsylvania State Director Michael Berman.” [Daily Courier, 8/4/23]

(PA) Observer-Reporter: Lt. Gov. Davis Urges Continued Relief of Health Care Costs During Uniontown Stop. “Signed into law in August 2022, the Inflation Reduction Act has a number of facets, among them the goal of lowering health care costs. ‘We must not go backwards on those big wins,’ Davis said, adding that the lack of access to health care is a major problem in this part of the state.” [Observer-Reporter, 8/5/23]

(OH) Toledo Blade: Health Care Advocacy Group Fights in Toledo to Lower Costs. [Toledo Blade, 8/8/23]

(MI) MIRS: Anthony: Shame On Us If Reducing Healthcare Costs Isn’t A Priority. “Following a visit from the ‘Lower Costs, Better Care’ bus tour, Senate Appropriations Chair Sarah ANTHONY (D-Lansing) said that if lawmakers don’t prioritize legislation to reduce healthcare costs upon returning from summer recess, ‘shame on us.’” [MIRS, 8/9/23]

(MI) Gongwer: Officials: Federal Health Care Changes Must Be Protected. “Sen. Sarah Anthony (D-Lansing), chair of the Senate Appropriations Committee Tracked, said maintaining lower health care costs is critical for older residents on fixed incomes and communities of color…‘This is real reform in action that is saving lives as we speak,’ Anthony said. ‘We cannot afford to turn back the clock on these major achievements.’” [Gongwer, 8/9/23]

(WI) La Crosse Tribune: Sen. Baldwin touts lower prescription drug costs in Onalaska. “‘I have heard from seniors across the state of Wisconsin who have been forced to ration or forgo their medications all while drug companies are turning record profits,’ said Senator Tammy Baldwin. ‘No American, especially our seniors who live on a fixed income, should have to choose between putting food on their table or accept the prescriptions they need to stay healthy.’” [La Crosse Tribune, 8/9/23]

(CA) Pasadena Now: Congresswoman Chu Headlines Care Force One’s Visit to Pasadena on Tuesday. “Rep. Judy Chu will welcome health advocates on board. She will be joined by Ingrid Rivera-Guzman, President of Latino Coalition of Los Angeles and cancer survivor Laura Packard. During the event, speakers will discuss how the Inflation Reduction Act and other healthcare measures will improve care and lower costs.” [Pasadena Now, 8/15/23]

(CA) World Journal: Nursing Buses Arrive in Los Angeles to Curb Drug Prices and Medical Expenses. “‘We cannot risk losing the tremendous progress we have made in expanding health care coverage and reducing family health care costs,’ Rep. Judy Chu said, ‘so I am proud to stand with all of you against any attempt to repeal this legislation.’” [World Journal, 8/15/23]

(AZ) Yellow Sheet Report: Congressman Greg Stanton and HHS Regional Director Headline “Lower Costs, Better Care” Bus Tour Stop in Tempe. “‘After decades of politicians talking about lowering health care and prescription drug costs, we got it done with the Inflation Reduction Act. One year later, it’s already made a huge difference for Arizona seniors,’ said Rep. Stanton. ‘Now I’m not going to let extreme House Republicans or Big Pharma undo the progress we’ve made.’” [Yellow Sheet Report, Page 9, 8/17/23]

(GA) Gwinnett Daily Post: U.S. Rep. Lucy McBath and Health Care Advocates Celebrate 1-Year Anniversary of Insulin Price Cap. “‘This is monumental for every individual in this country that suffers by diabetes, and has been paying exorbitant prices for a life-saving drug that they need to survive,’ McBath said. ‘These are victories for Americans who need insulin to survive and to live, but we’ve got to continue to march forward.’” [Gwinnett Daily Post, 8/22/23]

(GA) Atlanta Journal Constitution: Protect Our Care Rolling Through. “McBath spoke about the $35 per month cap on insulin costs for people on Medicare that became law as part of last year’s Inflation Reduction Act. ‘Life-saving medicine should never be kept out of reach of those who need it most,’ McBath said in a post on social media about the event.” [Atlanta Journal Constitution, 8/22/23

(VA) Richmond Times-Dispatch: Health Care–and Democratic Politics–In Focus As Bus Tour Hits Richmond. “Rep. Jennifer McClellan, D-4th, said the Inflation Reduction Act’s health care measures, which also include new authority to push prescription drug prices down, had made a big difference to thousands of Virginians. She said Virginia’s new health benefit exchange, a state-run marketplace for health insurance and dental coverage set up under legislation she sponsored in 2020, will reduce coverage costs beginning with policies for 2024.” [Richmond Times-Dispatch, 8/24/23]

(VA) Blue Virginia: Video: Reps. Spanberger, McClellan; Former Speaker Filler-Corn; Richmond Mayor Stoney Headline Richmond Stop of Protect Our Care’s “Lower Costs, Better Care” National Bus Tour. “The Inflation Reduction Act and other health care measures will improve care and lower costs for the American people.” [Blue Virginia, 8/24/23]

Opinion Pieces

Laura Packard: Expanding Affordable Health Care in New Hampshire. “We live in a country where too many still can’t afford or can’t access the care they need. But under the leadership of President Joe Biden and Democrats in Congress, we continue to make progress.” [New Hampshire Bulletin, 8/17/23]

Lt. Governor of Pennsylvania Austin Davis: Your Turn: Let’s Keep Pennsylvania’s Progress Moving Forward. “Pennsylvanians depend on quality, affordable health care to live healthy, secure lives, and the Inflation Reduction Act is a historic step forward to lowering costs. Nearly 19 million Americans on Medicare will save approximately $400 annually thanks to this legislation, and big drug companies finally have an important check on their power.” [Beaver County Times, 8/27/23]

Nicole Frith: Inflation Reduction Act at One Year: New Yorkers Are Already Seeing Lower Health Care Costs. “While Americans are cutting pills and skipping doses, drug companies are claiming their industry should be exempt from negotiating with Medicare and they should continue to be allowed to overcharge seniors and have taxpayers pad their sky-high profits. This is insulting to the New Yorkers and all American patients who pay up to four times more for the same drugs as patients in other wealthy countries.” [amNY, 8/28/23]