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Joe Biden Will Be a Health Care President

By November 6, 2020No Comments

Americans Voted for COVID Relief and Lowering Health Care Costs and Increasing Health Care Coverage by Building on the Affordable Care Act

Washington, DC — After taking the lead in Pennsylvania, Joe Biden will win the presidency after running a campaign committed to protecting America from the coronavirus pandemic and building on the Affordable Care Act to reduce costs, increase coverage and fix the health care disaster created by Donald Trump and the Republican Party’s sustained war on American health care.

“President-elect Biden ran on health care, and he will be a health care president. Voters made their voices heard by electing Joe Biden to make sure everyone has affordable quality health care,” said Protect Our Care Chair Leslie Dach. “In 2018 health care gave Democrats a majority in the House, and in 2020 Joe Biden’s plan to beat the virus and improve our health care put him in the Oval Office. Voters gave President-elect Joe Biden a mandate to build on the Affordable Care Act to lower costs, increase coverage and stand up to insurance and drug companies.”

“Donald Trump started his presidency by attacking the Affordable Care Act and continued to undermine Americans’ health care at every turn,” said Protect Our Care Executive Director Brad Woodhouse. “For four years, Trump has tried everything he can think of to rip health care coverage from more than 20 million Americans and remove protections for the 135 million people with pre-existing conditions who rely on the ACA for coverage — even in the middle of a pandemic. The voters have resoundingly repudiated President Trump’s war on health care and have instead elected a health care champion in Joe Biden. That’s a BFD.”