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Lamar Alexander Blames Democrats for Premiums, Ignoring Insurance Company Which Blames Republican Sabotage

By July 13, 2018No Comments

Last night, Sen. Lamar Alexander once again lied about the rising premiums in his state, attempting to blame Democrats for problems caused by his party in Washington.

What did Sen. Alexander say? Per the Chattanooga Times Free Press, he blamed Democrats for Tennessee’s premiums:

“Since Democrats in Congress have elevated Obamacare to the 67th book of the Bible, and have blocked even minor changes to the law that could have lowered rates by up to 40 percent, it is up to the states and the administration to continue to help lower premiums.’”

What did BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee say? That they were raising people’s premiums by $649.28 next year specifically because of the Trump Administration’s decision to freeze risk adjustment payments:

Sen. Alexander: stop denying that GOP sabotage is costing Tennesseans.