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McCarthy Doubles Down on GOP Plan to Cut Medicaid and Throw Millions Off Their Coverage

By April 17, 2023No Comments

McCarthy Addresses the New York Stock Exchange to Assure Wall Street He Has Their Back While Promising to Rip Health Care Away From Americans Who Count On It

Washington, DC — Today, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy delivered a speech promoting the GOP plan to raise costs for working families and throw people off of their health care. A record 92 million Americans are covered by Medicaid, but Kevin McCarthy confirmed that Republicans in Congress are seeking to ‘limit federal spending,’ which translates to serious cuts to Medicaid and other vital health care programs. In recent weeks, Republicans have proposed bureaucratic work reporting requirements in Medicaid, threatening to throw millions off of their coverage. Read more about how Republicans are fighting for health care cuts during Medicaid Awareness Month here

Protect Our Care Communications Director Anne Shoup issued the following statement: 

“Kevin McCarthy’s speech confirms that Republicans are fighting to hold our economy hostage so they can slash vital health care programs. Millions of people in this country count on Medicaid, especially people with disabilities, people with mental health and substance use disorders, children, pregnant women, seniors in nursing homes, rural Americans, and people of color. If Republicans truly cared about the state of the economy for working families, they would try to tackle rising health care costs instead of pandering to Wall Street executives and trying to rip away coverage from millions.”