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MORE EVIDENCE: GOP is Losing Its Health Care War

By October 18, 2018No Comments

“Voters are broadly in agreement with Democrats on health care and the more focus on the issue the better for them,” says Fox News pollster Chris Anderson

A new poll released by Fox News shows just how ineffective the Republican party positions and rhetoric on health care are. Key findings:

“Top issue: Health care.”

  • Health care is the #1 most motivating issue for a plurality of voters as they take to the polls, and nearly six in 10 (58 percent) voters say health care is “extremely important” to them.
  • Majorities of likely voters are “extremely” concerned about the affordability of health care (65 percent), denial of coverage for pre-existing conditions (62), and people losing health insurance (61).
  • Despite Republicans depending on it for their message, only 40 percent say they’re extremely concerned about a government takeover of health care.

“The president’s job rating is underwater…on health care (-16 points).”

  • By 9 points, more people like the Affordable Care Act (54 percent favorable) than the GOP tax breaks (45 percent favorable).

This comes on the heels of a POLITICO/Morning Consult poll out last week showing Democrats have a 25-point advantage on party trust to protect Medicare, among other overwhelming health care advantages for Democrats. For months, poll after poll has found health care to be the top issue for voters.

For more information on the unassailable fact that health care is the top issue this cycle, view Protect Our Care’s new report, Defined By Health Care: Election 2018.