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MORE POLLING: Health Care Remains the #1 Issue as Democratic Presidential Candidates Take the Debate Stage Tonight

By September 12, 2019No Comments

Democratic presidential candidates will take the stage in Houston tonight as multiple recent polls confirm that health care is the #1 issue for the American people. With the Trump-Texas lawsuit threatening to overturn our health care laws and the White House lacking any plan to clean up the mess they created, tonight is the perfect opportunity for Democrats to explain how they’d lower costs, provide better care, and reverse the damage done by President Trump and the GOP’s reckless war on health care.

1.CNN POLL: Health care is the top issue with 82% saying it’s extremely/very important. 

2. PPP POLL: Health care is a key issue for the majority (69%) of voters in 2020 battleground states (AZ, FL, PA, MI, WI & TX).

3. KAISER HEALTH TRACKING: Approval of the Affordable Care Act is at a record high of +12 (53-41%).