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More Polling Reveals Voters View Health Care Provisions as Top Priorities in Democrats’ Economic Plan

New polling from Navigator confirms broad support for Democrats’ economic plan to lower costs for the American people. Overall, 67 percent of voters support the package, including 88 percent of Democrats, 66 percent of independents, and 42 percent of Republicans. According to Navigator, voters report that out of all of the policies in the plan, voters’ top priorities are capping insulin costs, giving Medicare the power to negotiate drug prices, and extending hearing benefits to seniors. Roughly six in 10 voters reported concern that Republican control meant costs would keep going up, particularly as they are blocking lower drug prices and have voted against lower health care premiums. 

These results mirror new polling from Data for Progress and Invest in America showing voters strongly support the Democrats’ economic plan, ranking its health care provisions as the top five priorities for Congress. 

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Health care remains priority #1:

Voters strongly support Democrats’ economic plan: 

Voters agree Republicans are working to raise costs by blocking Medicare negotiation and rejecting lower health care premiums: