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NAVIGATOR: Voters Say Health Care Provisions are the Most Important Part of Build Back Better

By October 15, 2021No Comments

New polling from Navigator released today confirms that health care is the most popular part of President Biden’s Build Back Better Act. The poll found that voters believe that the measures to lower drug costs, expand Medicare, and make premiums more affordable are the top reasons Congress should pass the Build Back Better Act, and they think these are the policies that will help them most personally. 

A closer look at the results: 

Voters Agree the Best Reasons to Pass Build Back Better Are Medicare Negotiation for Lower Drug Prices, Expanding Medicare, and Reducing the Cost of Health Insurance. When it comes to policies that affect them directly, voters say giving Medicare the power to negotiate, expanding Medicare benefits, and making insurance more affordable are the best reasons to pass the plan. 

Lowering Health Care Costs and Health Insurance Premiums and Expanding Medicare Are Seen as the Most Personally Helpful Policies in Build Back Better. According to Navigator: “Half of respondents were asked to rate how good of reasons a list of policies from Biden’s new plan were to pass it, while the other half were asked the same but about ‘helping people like me.’ Raising taxes on the rich and not the middle class, lowering drug prices and healthcare premiums, and expanding Medicare top both lists.”