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New Census Data Reveals a Million More Uninsured Last Year Largely Due to Trump’s Sabotage Putting Them at Risk Before the Pandemic

By September 15, 2020No Comments

Washington, DC – New Census Bureau data released today shows the Trump administration and Congressional Republicans’ continued sabotage of our health care system resulted in one million Americans becoming uninsured last year, including 320,000 more uninsured children. This means the number of uninsured people increased by at least 2.3 million since President Trump took office — from 27.3 million in 2016 to 29.6 million in 2019. This data does not take into account the devastating impact of the coronavirus pandemic, which has left an estimated 12 million people without employer-sponsored health care coverage. In response, Protect Our Care Chair Leslie Dach issued the following statement:

“The latest Census numbers prove once again that the Trump-GOP sabotage agenda and their mismanagement of the pandemic has left millions of Americans without coverage when they need it the most. With their ongoing lawsuit to overturn the health care law, sabotage of open enrollment and promotion of junk insurance plans, Republicans have purposefully created chaos and uncertainty in our health care system. Health care is on the ballot in 2020, and these latest numbers show just how much Donald Trump’s war on health care is impacting Americans’ access to health care coverage.”