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Capitol Hill

NEW MORNING CONSULT POLL: Top 2 Issues Are Health Care Costs & Drug Costs

According to the new Morning Consult/Politico national survey, the top two issues that people think Congress should prioritize are ‘reducing health care costs’ and ‘passing a bill to bring down prescription drug costs.’ Both have more than 85% of voters saying they are a priority and include strong support from Independents and Republicans


Reducing health care costs: 88% (59% top priority)

– 87% (63% top priority) with Independents

– 83% (50% top priority) with Republicans


Passing a bill to bring down prescription drug costs: 85% (50% top priority)

– 82% (48% top priority) with Independents

– 82% (46% top priority) with Republicans



Stimulating the economy to recover from the coronavirus pandemic: 84% (59% top priority)

Reducing the federal budget deficit: 77% (41% top priority) 

Passing a health care reform bill: 76% (47% top priority)

Passing an immigration reform bill: 71% (39% top priority)

Passing an infrastructure spending bill: 70% (34% top priority)

Passing a bill to address climate change and its effects: 65% (37% top priority)

Passing a bill to reduce inequality: 61% (34% top priority)

Passing legislation placing additional restrictions on gun ownership: 60% (36% top priority)

Regulating tech companies: 57% (22% top priority)

Passing a bill to provide relief to Americans with student loan debt: 54% (24% top priority)

Eliminating the filibuster in the Senate: 48% (22% top priority)

Passing a bill to legalize marijuana: 43% (19% top priority)