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New Navigator Polling Shows Deep Opposition For MAGA Republicans’ “Project 2025” Health Care Agenda

By July 9, 2024No Comments

New Navigator polling finds that Americans deeply oppose the health care policies in Project 2025, a conservative blueprint for a second Trump term. Specifically, 83 percent oppose removing protections for people with pre-existing conditions, 81 percent oppose putting a new tax on health insurance for people who get coverage through their employer, and 80 percent oppose banning Medicare from negotiating lower prices and eliminating the $35 monthly insulin cap. 

Today’s survey follows a string of recent Navigator polls showing that President Biden and Democrats are more trusted on health care. Additionally, voters overwhelmingly support the Inflation Reduction Act and Democratic efforts to lower health care costs, including giving Medicare the power to negotiate lower prescription drug prices, capping the cost of insulin, and providing free vaccines. The contrast is clear:

Today’s Navigator results also show that Americans believe that Project 2025 would only benefit the wealthiest Americans, CEOs, and corporations – and it would have a negative impact on all other groups, like small businesses and the middle class.

Additionally, Navigator found clear guidance on framing Project 2025 as a dangerous policy roadmap designed to hurt the middle class and a takeover of the government led by MAGA Republicans who are power hungry and dangerous to our health care.