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New Navigator Polling: Voters Rank Medicaid Cuts As Top Concern in GOP’s Default on America Act

By May 11, 2023No Comments

New Navigator polling reveals that voters strongly oppose House Republicans’ plan to take away Medicaid. A striking 85 percent of voters are concerned about the impact of their plan to “take Medicaid away from as many as 21 million people…including kids with disabilities, seniors in assisted living, and pregnant women.” The ‘Default on America Act’ also slashes funding for veterans’ health care, nursing home safety, mental health and substance use services, and more. Not only are these measures widely unpopular, but they threaten the health and well-being of millions of families across the nation. Read more on their disastrous bill here.

When forced to choose the most harmful outcomes for our country, people identify taking away things like Medicaid and cutting veterans benefits as the most harmful with defaulting on the debt coming in second. Compared to both of these alternatives from the GOP, Americans would find “raising the debt ceiling” to be far less problematic.