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NEW POLL: A Vote To Confirm Kavanaugh Would Hurt Senator Collins’ Re-Election Prospects

By August 21, 2018No Comments

Nearly Half of Mainers Think Collins Should Not Confirm Kavanaugh

A new poll released by Public Policy Polling finds that a meager 42% of Maine voters think Sen. Susan Collins should vote to confirm Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, and that voters are deeply concerned about his anti-health care record.

“Since Judge Kavanaugh was nominated, Mainers have gone to Senator Collins with our numerous concerns: that he’s hostile to our health care, that he believes the president is above the law, that he’s not been fully vetted, and that – if confirmed – he’d be a rubber stamp on President Trump’s dangerous anti-health care crusade,” said Rebecca London, State Director of Protect Our Care Maine.

“As this poll shows, Mainers remain concerned about Kavanaugh’s nomination and we want Senator Collins to vote ‘no’. This poll also makes clear to Senator Collins that if she votes to confirm Kavanaugh, and he in turn votes to take away our health care, we will remember where she stood.”  


  • When Mainers learn that Kavanaugh will support Trump’s lawsuit overturning protections for people with pre-existing conditions, they are 58% less likely to support him.
  • 62% of Maine voters want a complete review of Kavanaugh before his confirmation vote, including all documents from his time on the U.S. Court of Appeals and working in the Bush White House.
  • If Sen. Collins votes to confirm Kavanaugh, 47% of voters say they would be less likely to vote for her.

The full poll can be read here.