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New Polls, New Data: Health Care is a Top Issue in Virginia Battleground District of CD 07

By September 25, 2018No Comments

Voters Disapprove of Republican Attacks on Pre-Existing Conditions and Incumbent Dave Brat’s Pro-Repeal Record

Washington, DC – As a new poll out of Monmouth University Polling Institute finds that Democrat Abigail Spanberger holds a narrow lead over pro-repeal incumbent Republican Dave Brat, new polling from Protect Our Care and Public Policy Polling (PPP) shows one reason why: health care is the top issue for voters in VA-07. Said Brad Woodhouse, executive director of Protect Our Care, in response to the poll findings:

“Voters are willing to throw their support behind Democrats to ensure protections for pre-existing conditions remain intact, it’s just that simple. That’s why Republicans like David Brat are finding themselves in hot water.”

Key Findings from PPP-Protect Our Care Poll in VA-07

  • Health care is a very important issue to voters when deciding who to vote for. 60% say it is either the most important issue or a very important issue when deciding who to vote for.
  • Virginians are very concerned about the possible consequences of repealing the ACA. 62% of voters think charging people 50+ years old, five times more than younger people for health insurance is a major concern. Eliminating protections for people with pre-existing conditions is a major concern for 63% of voters.
  • 59% oppose the Trump administration’s lawsuit to overturn protections for people with pre-existing conditions, including nearly half (49%) of Republicans. Virginians are also less likely to vote for Republicans who stayed silent on this lawsuit. A plurality of voters (42%) say they are less likely to vote for Congressman Brat because of his silence on the lawsuit.

The PPP-Protect Our Care Poll Mirrors Data from Google Trends Showing that Searches for Health Care Dominate across the State — including in VA-07.

  • In VA-07, between 43 and 82 percent of all issue searches were on health care; in every county, the second highest search trailed by 8 percentage points or more.