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New Protect Our Care Ad Urges Members of Congress to Oppose HHS Nominee Alex Azar, Stop the GOP’s War On Health Care

By January 8, 2018No Comments

January 8, 2018

Ad: “Alex Azar is ready to lead the Republican war on health care into its second year… It’s time for Congressional Republicans to stop their war against your health care. Vote no on Alex Azar.”

Washington, D.C. – Protect Our Care today announced a new digital ad urging Members of the Senate to reject Donald Trump’s nominee to head the Health and Human Services Department, Alex Azar, a former pharmaceutical executive who has agreed to lead the GOP’s war on health care into a second year. The ad comes in advance of Tuesday’s Senate Finance Hearing about Azar.

Azar has agreed to head up the GOP’s war on health care, which has included: (1) a never-ending quest to repeal health care despite the fact that doing so raises premiums by double digits and removes protections for millions of Americans; and (2) extensive administrative action to sabotage the health care law, including cutting the open enrollment sign-up period in half and slashing its advertising budget by 90 percent; stopping cost-sharing reduction payments which raise premiums; and most recently proposing a rule to offer association health plans, junk insurance which guts protections for those with pre-existing conditions.

Watch the ad urging opposition to Mr. Azar here.

“The GOP war on health care is already forcing higher costs and ripping away coverage, and the Trump Administration’s first leader had to resign for abusing taxpayer resources,” said Protect Our Care Campaign Director Brad Woodhouse. “Now they’ve recruited a new general who will embrace the twin weapons of repeal and sabotage, no matter how much higher they force our costs or how many people get hurt.”

Mr. Azar opposes the health care law that covers millions of people, going so far as to say it is ‘circling the drain,’ echoing the Administration’s blatant lie that the law is not working. Despite the GOP’s years-long efforts, the Affordable Care Act is more popular than ever, and nearly 9 million Americans signed up for coverage during the open enrollment period. Alternatively, the GOP’s approach to health care has led to historically-unpopular approval ratings for Congressional Republicans and President Trump and drove widespread electoral losses in November and in the Alabama Senate race.