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NEW: Protect Our Care Launches $2 Million TV Ad Campaign With Health Care Workers On Trump’s Failure to Protect America During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Washington, DC — Protect Our Care is launching a new $2 million ad campaign criticizing the Trump administration’s failed coronavirus response that put millions of Americans, especially seniors, at grave risk, and demanding that the administration do better. The campaign includes two ads: 

  • Left Behind,” features Tarik Khan, a RN and family nurse practitioner, talking about how President Trump’s coronavirus response has left our older adults, our most vulnerable, extremely unprotected, and that “he had a duty to protect them and that didn’t happen.”
  • Ignored,” features Dr. Risha Khetarpal, talking about how President Trump is clearly not listening to the advice of medical experts, is spreading false information, and allowing for more people to die.

The ads will run in Arizona, Michigan and Wisconsin, starting Wednesday on TV and connected devices, and focus on people over the age of 50.

Watch: “Left Behind”

Watch: “Ignored”

As cases of coronavirus continue to spike around the country and the death toll tops 130,000, the ads urge the Trump administration to listen to medical experts and do more to protect Americans, particularly seniors. Both ads make clear that the coronavirus pandemic “didn’t have to be this bad.” 

It is Protect Our Care’s hope that through these ads, the administration will take more serious and effective action to fight the pandemic.

“President Trump’s botched coronavirus response has been catastrophic for America, particularly for seniors who are dying unnecessarily as a result of his administration’s failures,”said Protect Our Care Chair Leslie Dach. “Health care workers know that President Trump’s refusal to listen to medical experts and take this crisis seriously have made the crisis far worse, put millions of Americans in imminent danger and undermined our economy. Americans are increasingly worried about their safety, but instead of taking action, President Trump continues to downplay the threat to the citizens he swore to protect.”

Left Behind” script (:30):

Tarik Khan: During the coronavirus, our older adults are most certainly being left behind.

There’s been over 100,000 Americans that have died from this.

The most people that are dying, are dying in nursing homes.

All it takes is one person to be sick for a lot of people to get ill.

The president has basically left our older adults, he’s left our most vulnerable, extremely unprotected, and he had a duty to protect them and that didn’t happen.

This crisis did not have to be as bad as it was.

Ignored” script (:30): 

Dr. Risha Khetarpal: In the medical ICU I would say almost 80 percent of my patients were dying.

If the Trump administration had been quicker to act, many lives could have been saved.

Trump is clearly not listening to any of the advice of medical experts.

He’s spreading false information and by doing so he is allowing for more people to die from coronavirus.

I wish that Trump would listen to the medical experts so that we can stop this pandemic.