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NEW RADIO AD: Health Care Advocate Mindy Salango Says West Virginians Are Counting on Senator Manchin to Let  Medicare Negotiate Drug Prices

By October 7, 2021No Comments

Morgantown Resident and Type I Diabetic Mindy Salango Shares Her Story to Show Why Senator Manchin’s Leadership is Essential to Pass Medicare Negotiation 

Listen to the Radio Ad Here

West Virginia — Protect Our Care announced a new radio ad today calling for U.S. Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) to meet the demands of his constituents and fight for giving Medicare the power to negotiate with drug companies for lower prices. The ad features Mindy Salango, a Morgantown resident who suffers from Type I diabetes, explaining that West Virginians pay three times more for drugs than people in other countries while drug companies charge exorbitant prices for lifesaving medications like insulin. Mindy makes clear that giving Medicare the power to negotiate lower prices is the solution to the broken drug pricing system. Democrats’ proposal to allow Medicare to negotiate drug prices is supported by 90% of all Americans and remains central to President Biden’s Build Back Better Act.

The ad comes as Congress is closing in on legislation that will transform the lives of American families nationwide. President Biden and Democrats are leading the charge to include Medicare negotiation and other key health care priorities in the Build Back Better package, but the fight is not over: Big Pharma is fighting back with lobbying and scare tactics to protect its profits and lie to the American people. The ad makes clear that Senator Manchin must hold strong in his support for the health care provisions of the Build Back Better Act, including giving Medicare the power to negotiate for lower drug prices for all Americans. The ad will run statewide beginning on Friday, October 8.

“Patients like Mindy illustrate why bold action to bring down drug prices is so important. Across West Virginia, families are making impossible choices between affording prescription drugs or putting food on the table — that’s no way to live, said Protect Our Care Chair Leslie Dach. “Senator Manchin has made clear giving Medicare the power to negotiate for lower drug prices is not only commonsense policy, but the right thing to do. Now, it’s time for Senator Manchin to deliver on his promise and fight to get this over the finish line and help pass the Build Back Better Act so millions of Americans no longer have to worry about affording the medications they need to survive.” 

Script for “Mindy” Ad (60s):

Too many West Virginians wake up everyday and have to make a heartbreaking choice: 

Should I pay the rent or should I pay for my medication that keeps me alive? 

My name is Mindy Salango and I’m a Type 1 diabetic.

Even though I have health insurance, I still spend about $350 every month paying for my prescription medications, insulin and other diabetes supplies I need to stay healthy and alive.

The thought of not being able to afford my medication is terrifying.

West Virginians are suffering because of high prescription drug costs. We pay 3-times more than people in other countries for the same drugs. It doesn’t have to be this way. 

Congress can give Medicare the power to negotiate lower drug prices for West Virginia families.

Senator Manchin has told us he’s with us on this.  Now, we’re counting on him to get it done.