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NEW REPORT: Pharma’s Greed and the Battle to Lower Drug Prices

By November 17, 2021No Comments

Report Exposes Lies and Front Groups Pushed By Big Pharma and Their Republican Allies as Democrats Work to Pass Build Back Better Act

Washington, DC — Today, Protect Our Care is releasing a new report exposing Big Pharma’s campaign of lies and front groups as part of an effort to maintain the status quo that allows drug companies to dictate profits while millions struggle to afford their prescriptions. As Congress is on the cusp of passing the historic Build Back Better Act, Big Pharma is spending millions on their K Street lobbyists and advertisements to block its key provisions that bring down drug prices. With the help of their Republican allies, drug companies have been relentless in their efforts to spread lies about the Democrats’ plan to lower drug prices for working families as part of the Build Back Better Act. 

“Democrats in Congress reached a historic agreement to lower prescription drug prices for all Americans through the Build Back Better Act and Big Pharma is running scared,” said Protect Our Care Executive Director Brad Woodhouse. “Fortunately, the American people remain unswayed, with poll after poll showing that policies to reduce drug costs are the most popular provisions in the entire Build Back Better Act. With the support of voters of all parties, President Biden and Democrats in Congress are committed to reining in Big Pharma’s greed and delivering real relief to millions of families. It’s time to put an end to Big Pharma’s greed and give Medicare the power to negotiate for lower drug prices.”

Read the new report on Big Pharma’s campaign of front groups and lies on drug pricing here.