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New Study, New Rate Filings Confirm Widespread Premium Increases Are Due to GOP Sabotage

By August 2, 2018No Comments

Brookings Study and Health Care Premium Hikes Show Americans Across the Country Left Holding the Bill

New Data Makes Lawsuit Filed Today Against Trump All the More Urgent

Washington, D.C – This morning, the Brookings Institution released a new analysis showing premiums would be going down for Americans absent Trump-GOP health care sabotage, all while insurance companies’ profits soar. It comes out as the Trump administration has greenlit junk insurance plans that skirt protections for people with pre-existing conditions and a new lawsuit filed in federal court shows the Trump Administration’s unconstitutional sabotage is responsible for raising Americans’ premiums.

Leslie Dach, chair of Protect Our Care, released the following statement in response:

“People buying health insurance in America today are paying more for it than they should because of the relentless — and unconstitutional — sabotage campaign by the Trump Administration and its Republican allies in Congress and the states. People who are seeing substantial premium increases are paying more than they should and the people seeing small rate decreases should be paying even less. The fact that Americans are paying more because of Trump’s sabotage when insurance companies are getting massive tax breaks and their profits and CEO salaries are soaring — and projected by this report to skyrocket even further — is outrageous, and underscores why millions are fed up with this Republican war on health care, and why it’s so important that cities and citizens are taking Trump to court today.”


In nearly nearly every state where data is available, premium rates are higher because of Trump-GOP sabotage than they otherwise would be. Insurance companies have requested insurance rate increases in 44 states.