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New Trump Regulation Against Legal Immigration is “An Outrageous Attack on Health Care”

By September 23, 2018No Comments

New Trump Administration Rule Would Keep Legal Immigrant  Families Away from Health Care and in the Shadows

Washington, DC – In its latest attack on health care, the Trump Administration announced a long-rumored proposal to change a decades-old immigration rule. The change would prevent legal immigrant families on the road to U.S. citizenship from being able to secure permanent lawful immigration status if they utilize a vast array of health care supports, such as Medicaid, nutrition assistance, or other services. The proposal, which is now subject to a comment period, would be disastrous for legal immigrants and their families, particularly children — and to cities, states, and our nation’s future — if it is adopted. In response to the Trump Administration’s proposed changes to the “public charge” rule, Leslie Dach, chair of Protect Our Care, issued the following statement:

“As if ripping families apart at the border and putting children in cages wasn’t bad enough, the Trump administration is trying to use health care as a weapon against legal immigrants in America. This is yet another outrageous attack on health care in this country and the ability of immigrants to live their lives with dignity.”

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