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NEW TV AD: As Coronavirus Fears Rise, Protect Our Care Blasts Senator Steve Daines for Voting to Take Away Montanans’ Health Care

By March 12, 2020No Comments

POC Launches $250K TV Buy with Ad Highlighting Daines’ Record of Voting to Strip Coverage from 112,000 Montanans, Scrap Medicaid Expansion and Take Protections Away from 429,900 with Pre-Existing Conditions While Urging Him to Put the Health of Montanans First

Washington, DC — With the fear of coronavirus on the rise, Protect Our Care is launching a new ad today calling out Senator Steve Daines (R-MT) for his repeated attempts to take health care away from Montanans. The ad titled “Montanans First” is backed by a $250,000 buy and highlights Senator Daines’ disastrous record on health care which includes voting repeatedly to strip coverage from 112,000 Montanans and protections for 429,900 with pre-existing conditions. The 30 second ad will run on broadcast television and cable in Montana starting today. 

In the Senate, Steve Daines claimed he would “work tirelessly” to repeal the Affordable Care Act and demonstrated that by voting five times to repeal the law, refusing to condemn the Texas lawsuit that would overturn it in court and putting the interests of drug and insurance companies over his constituents while they raise costs on Montanans. 

View the ad HERE

“Since arriving in the Senate, Steve Daines has remained dead set on taking away Montanans’ health care and stripping protections for Montanans with pre-existing conditions,” said Protect Our Care Executive Director Brad Woodhouse. “By voting five times to repeal the health care law and his refusal to condemn the Texas lawsuit which would overturn it in court, Steve Daines has made clear he wants to take coverage from 112,000 Montanans and protections from 425,900 with pre-existing conditions. It’s time Steve Daines voted for, not against, Montanans’ health care.” 

Ad script (30 seconds):

Too many Montana families go to sleep at night worried about health care. coverage, costs, now the fear of coronavirus.

That doesn’t worry Steve Daines. He voted to:

Eliminate protections for 425,000 Montanans with pre-existing conditions 

Rip coverage away from over 100,000 people and scrap Montana’s Medicaid expansion

And let insurance and drug companies drive up health care and prescription drug costs for seniors 

Call Senator Daines – tell him it’s time he put the health care of Montanans first