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NEW TV ADS: POC Launches Ads in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin Holding President Trump Accountable for Failing to Prepare Hospitals, Health Care Workers and Families for the Coronavirus Crisis

By April 1, 2020No Comments

Ads Blast President Trump for His Disastrous Coronavirus Response and Failure to Provide Those on the Front Lines of the Crisis With Adequate Testing, Ventilators, Masks and Other Supplies

View the ads: Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin 

Washington, DC — Protect Our Care is launching new ads in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin holding President Trump accountable for his failure to prepare America for the coronavirus crisis. President Trump has downplayed the threat of coronavirus from the beginning. And now, as the virus ravages communities in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and across the country, Trump’s refusal to listen to medical experts and lack of preparedness is actively hurting hospital workers and medical professionals on the front lines who are without critical supplies such as tests, ventilators, beds and other equipment they desperately need to keep themselves and their patients safe. 

The 30 second ads will run on cable in select markets in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

“President Trump has botched the response to this crisis from the beginning, and now those on the front lines of the coronavirus response are paying the price of his failed leadership,” said Protect Our Care Executive Director Brad Woodhouse. “President Trump wasted precious time by refusing to listen to medical experts and instead of taking responsibility has lied, spewed misinformation and blamed those on the front lines for his failure to provide them with the testing and protective equipment they need. At a time of extreme crisis for the country, Americans deserve a leader who gives them the truth and put their health and safety first, not one like Trump who makes excuses and blames others for failing to do his job.” 

Ad script: 

President Trump’s failure to prepare America for the coronavirus crisis has made Michigan less safe.

We don’t have nearly enough tests.

Our hospitals are overwhelmed.

Doctors and nurses don’t have the masks, ventilators and supplies they need.

And now more and more Michiganders are out of work.

At a time of extreme crisis, Michigan families need a steady and trusted leader, but Donald Trump has failed that test.

Call the White House. Tell President Trump: Michigan needs stronger leadership.