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NEW VIDEO: As America Reels From the Coronavirus Crisis, Trump Aggressively Pursues His Lawsuit to Overturn the ACA and Rip Health Care From Americans

By June 25, 2020No Comments

As the nation grapples with the coronavirus crisis that threatens everyone’s health and safety, the Trump administration is aggressively pushing forward its lawsuit to “terminate” the ACA and take away Americans’ health care. “America in Crisis,” a digital ad from Protect Our Care highlights the devastation that the Trump administration’s politically motivated lawsuit before the Supreme Court to overturn the Affordable Care Act would have for our nation in the midst of this pandemic. POC’s video comes on the day the Trump administration and Republican attorneys general file briefs to the Supreme Court in their lawsuit that would rip health care from 23 million Americans and protections for 135 million with pre-existing conditions. With over 120,000 Americans dead from the coronavirus and millions without jobs or health care, this lawsuit would further devastate the country and plunge our health care system into chaos at a time when people need it the most.  

WATCH: America in Crisis