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NEW VIDEO: Preview of Trump’s Health Care Sabotage Executive Order

By October 12, 2017No Comments

At 11:15 am today, President Trump will sign an Executive Order to sabotage our health care. Having failed at health care repeal in Congress because of bipartisan opposition and overwhelming public rejection, the Trump administration is now doing everything it can to sabotage the country’s health care system and fulfill his promise to “Let it be a disaster.”

Protect Our Care is releasing this new video documenting how the elements of this Executive Order already reported by the press amount to government sabotage of our health care and how previous efforts at sabotage have already brought harm to people and their coverage, and urging Members of Congress to stand up to it.

The Trump administration’s sabotage agenda could end affordable coverage for those with pre-existing conditions, raise health care premiums and deny access to coverage for millions of Americans — and could result in the destabilization of the individual insurance market.