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NEWEST POLLING: Could Health Care Repeal Be Any Worse?

By September 29, 2017No Comments

The newest round of polling data is out from multiple sources but it all confirms the same thing — voters reject partisan health care repeal and disapprove of the leadership of those who keep up the relentless push.

New Quinnipiac University polling data shows only 19% support the Graham-Cassidy-Heller health care repeal, while 59% disapprove.

  • Support for repeal falls to only 14% among independents and is only 24% with white non-college educated voters.
  • Only 11% approve of how Republicans in Congress are handling health care with an overwhelming 81% disapproving, including 86% disapproval with independents.
  • Only 10% believe their health insurance costs would go down under the plan, while most voters think it will go up (44%) or stay the same (30%)
  • ⅔ (67%) of voters — as well as 63% of Republicans — approve of preventing health insurance companies from raising insurance rates for people with pre-existing conditions, a provision this repeal would take a way.

New national polling from FOX News shows a record-level of support for the Affordable Care Act with 51% saying they are glad it passed and 42% saying they wish it never had.

  • The poll showed voters prefer to make “minor changes to Obamacare while largely leaving the law in place” by a 33 point margin (63% to 30%).
  • Only 25% supported the Senate’s health care plan — known as Graham Cassidy — in this poll while 51% oppose it.

New data from Public Policy Polling confirms the trend with voters preferring the Affordable Care Act over Graham-Cassidy-Heller by 19 points (53% to 34%).

  • Only 27% support for the latest GOP health care repeal bill with 53% opposed.
  • Only 32% think the best path forward is repeal, while 62% prefer we keep what works and fix what doesn’t.