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On the 10th Anniversary of the ACA, Protect Our Care Highlights the ACA’s Achievements and the Relentless Trump-Republican Efforts to Sabotage and Repeal the Law

By March 20, 2020No Comments

POC Also Highlights How the ACA Helps Fight the Coronavirus and the Devastating Consequences of Overturning the Law in the Midst of the Crisis

March 23 is the 10-year anniversary of the passage of the Affordable Care Act and there has never been a more important time to highlight the benefits of the law and the ongoing Trump Republican efforts to sabotage and repeal the law, particularly in light of the coronavirus crisis. 

This month, the Supreme Court announced it would hear the Trump-Republican lawsuit to repeal the ACA in its upcoming term, which if successful would strip coverage from 20 million Americans and eliminate protections for 135 million with pre-existing conditions. During a time when Americans face unprecedented threats to their health as a result of President Trump’s failure to prepare America for the coronavirus, Republicans remain dead set on ripping away their health care. 

“There is no question that the Affordable Care Act has been an incredibly positive force for Americans over the last 10 years, yet so much is at stake as Republicans try to overturn it in the midst of America grappling with the coronavirus pandemic,” said Protect Our Care Executive Director Brad Woodhouse. “President Trump and Republicans need to understand just how devastating their war on health care has been and will continue to be especially as Americans’ health care is threatened more than ever with the spread of coronavirus.” 

“Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, more than 20 million Americans have health coverage and 135 million Americans with pre-existing conditions are guaranteed health insurance that they can afford,” said Protect Our Care Chair, Leslie Dach. “It is unimaginable that President Trump wants to take that coverage away from millions of people when they need them the most.” 

In the lead up to the anniversary Protect Our Care Our’s work has highlighted the ACA’s achievements, the devastating consequences of overturning the law, and the specific ways in which those consequences are amplified as America grapples with coronavirus including a series of memos, and fact sheets. We have also held press calls in key battleground states with elected officials and health care advocates to bring attention to how the Trump-Republican war on health care is affecting people in communities across the country. 

Here are some resources that make the connection between the Trump-Republican sabotage efforts and how the damage of their war on health care is amplified during this crisis: 

MEMO: ACA at 10 Successes and Ongoing Threats on the 10th Anniversary of Its Passage

Key points: During a time when Americans face unprecedented threats to their health as a result of President Trump’s failure to contain the virus, Republicans are still trying to rip away their health care and leave 20 million of Americans uninsured and 135 million with pre-existing conditions without protections.

Trump’s Sabotage Of The ACA Leaves The U.S. Less Prepared For Coronavirus

Key points: Trump is backing a lawsuit that could rip way coverage from 20 million Americans during the middle of the outbreak. He is also pushing short-term junk plans that would not need to cover coronavirus treatment and continues to undermine Medicaid expansion, leaving more Americans uninsured. 

Top Ways The ACA Helps Fight Coronavirus

Key points: From free preventative care, to coverage for 20 million Americans, protections for pre-existing conditions and access to critical vaccinations without cost sharing, along with so many other important areas of coverage, there’s no question the ACA plays an essential role in providing affordable health care to Americans during this crisis. 

Fact Sheet On Trump’s Lawsuit To Overturn The ACA
Key points: President Trump is trying to rip apart our health care by going to court to eliminate the Affordable Care Act in its entirety. If the Trump lawsuit is successful, it will strip coverage from 20 million Americans, raise premiums, end protections for 150 million people with pre-existing conditions, put insurance companies back in charge, and force seniors to pay more for prescription drugs.

ACA at 10 Fact Sheets

Key points: Ahead of the 10th anniversary of the passage of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) on March 23, Protect Our Care is holding 10 days of action to raise awareness of the most critical components of the law which has improved the lives of millions of Americans. 

Fact sheets found here: 

  1. Affordability
  2. Children’s Coverage
  3. Expanded Coverage 
  4. Protections For Individuals With Disabilities 
  5. Prescription Drug Costs
  6. Medicaid Expansion
  7. Protections For Pre-Existing Conditions
  8. Rural Health
  9. Seniors
  10. Women’s Health