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Oregon Becomes the Latest State to Reject the GOP’s War on Health Care

By January 24, 2018No Comments

In response to the news that residents of Oregon approved Measure 101, a ballot measure which keeps in place a previously-passed legislative tax package to fund the state’s Medicaid expansion, Protect Our Care Campaign Director Brad Woodhouse released the following statement:

“Tonight’s result shows that the American people are expressing vehement opposition to the Republican war on our health care. Oregon Republicans worked to put Measure 101 on the ballot, which could have denied health care to thousands of their fellow citizens; instead, Oregonians resoundingly defeated the Republican attempt to jeopardize funding for Medicaid expansion, showing yet again that voters value critical health care programs and reject Republican attempts to sabotage them. This vote follows similar election results across the country, from Virginia to Wisconsin, where health care has played a decisive role in the defeat of Republicans. Voters from coast to coast continue to make their support for Medicaid clear – Republicans who continue sabotaging health care should be wary.”