From: Jim Williams, Public Policy Polling

To: Interested Parties

Subject: Majority of Wisconsin Voters Reject Trump and Republican Health Care Agenda Putting Trump’s Re-Election Prospects in Badger State in Doubt

Date: April 25, 2019

On the eve of President Trump’s visit to Wisconsin, a new Public Policy Polling survey finds that a majority of Wisconsin voters trust Democrats over President Trump on healthcare. Democrats have a 10-point lead in trust over President Trump on the overall issue of healthcare (52% to 42%) and a 16-point lead with independents (53%-37%). A further 55% trust Democrats more to protect people with preexisting conditions, while 42% trust President Trump.

President Trump’s war on Wisconsin’s health care results in 50% of voters in Wisconsin (and 53% of independents) saying they are less likely to vote for President Trump again in 2020, while only 29% (and 22% of independents) are more likely to support him again. A majority of voters aged 18-45 (56%) and pluralities of voters aged 46-65 (48%) and older than 65 (46%) say they are less likely to vote for President Trump again in 2020 due to the Republican efforts to repeal the ACA.

Trump’s health care agenda is widely rejected by Wisconsinites:

  • By 25-points (57% to 32%) people do not support Trump’s lawsuit to strike down the ACA. Support for his lawsuit falls to only 27% with independents.
  • A large majority (68% to 18%) further oppose Trump’s proposed budget that cuts $1- trillion from Medicaid and $845-billion from Medicare. A plurality of Republicans (45%) oppose it as do a majority of Democrats (92%) and independents (68%).
  • Wisconsin voters also support the Affordable Care Act itself. A majority of voters (58%) oppose repealing the ACA, with only 23% supporting repeal and only 13% of independents supporting Trump’s repeal.

PPP surveyed 762 Wisconsin voters from April 23-24, 2019. The margin of error is +/- 3.6%. This poll was conducted by telephone.