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POLLING ROUNDUP: Americans Don’t Trust Big Pharma To Play Fair

By November 8, 2021No Comments

In the coming days, Congress will pass the Build Back Better Act, historic legislation that will drive down health care costs and level the playing field for working families. Central to the Build Back Better Act is giving Medicare the power to negotiate for lower drug prices. Big Pharma has spent more than $250 million to try to stop it, but the American people remain unswayed. 

Polling clearly shows the American people do not trust the pharmaceutical industry. After years of putting profits over people and pushing life saving medications out of reach, Americans have had enough.

Americans Do Not Trust Drug Makers To Set Fair Prices. With skyrocketing price increases year after year, three in four Americans do not trust drug companies to price their products fairly. 

Americans Believe Big Pharma Puts Profits Over People. The vast majority of Americans, from across the political spectrum, because the high cost of prescription drugs is caused by Big Pharma’s greed. 78 percent report pharmaceutical company’s profits are a major factor contributing to the soaring cost of medications.


Americans Believe Pharmaceutical Companies Have Too Much Influence. 72 percent of Americans say the pharmaceutical industry has too much influence over the federal government. In 2021 alone, Big Pharma has spent nearly $263 million on lobbying — devoting three lobbyists to each member of Congress.

Americans Hold Overwhelming Negative Views Of The Pharmaceutical Industry. A 2019 Gallup poll found the pharmaceutical industry to be “the most poorly regarded industry in Americans’ eyes.” The critique of Big Pharma included their seemingly never ending price increases, massive lobbying influence, and role in the opioid crisis, proving distrust of the pharmaceutical industry is far reaching. 

Majority Of Americans Don’t Buy Pharma’s Argument. Nearly seven in 10 Americans are not convinced by the pharmaceutical industry’s argument that drug price negotiation will harm innovation.