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Post-DOJ Poll Finds Rock-Solid Support for Pre-Existing Protections

By June 27, 2018No Comments

This morning’s Kaiser Family Foundation tracking poll finds that health care remains a top issue among voters and that protecting provisions preventing discrimination against those with pre-existing conditions is one of their highest priorities.

This poll is the third one released in recent weeks showing that health care remains the top issue for voters, and the second one released in a week’s time showing that efforts by the Trump administration and Republicans in Congress and in the states to reverse protections for people with pre-existing conditions are deeply unpopular.

Among the key findings in today’s Kaiser Family Foundation poll:

  • 79 percent of those surveyed say health care is an important issue in the midterms.
  • Fully three-fourths (76 percent) say continued protections for the 130 million Americans with pre-existing conditions is “very important” to them, including nine in 10 Democrats (88 percent), 77 percent of Independents, and 58 percent of Republicans – just as the Trump Administration made the shocking decision to join 18 Republican attorneys general and two Republican governors try to overturn these protections.

  • Six in 10 (57 percent) say they or someone in their household suffers from pre-existing medical conditions, demonstrating just how deeply motivating this issue is for voters.

This poll is the third one released in recent weeks showing that health care remains the top issue for voters.

  • A June 2018 Poll From Reuters Confirms That Americans Approve Of ACA, Are Concerned About Cost Of Health Care. Among its key findings:
    • 65 percent of Americans polled said they are “very concerned” about the overall cost of health insurance, including premiums, deductibles and copays. [Reuters, 6/15]
    • Nearly three in four Americans use prescription drugs, and 58 percent said they are “very concerned” about paying for them. [Reuters, 6/15]
    • 66 percent of those polled said they are concerned about their ability to see the doctor of their choice going forward. [Reuters, 6/15] 
  • A June 2018 NBC News Poll Finds Health Care To Be Top Midterm Issue. “Asked about their top issues for November, 22 percent of voters said health care was their first choice — followed by the economy and jobs at 19 percent, guns at 13 percent, taxes and spending at 11 percent and immigration at 10 percent.” [NBC News, 6/7] 
  • A May 2018 CBS News Poll Found that Health Care Is The Most Important Issue to Voters When Deciding Their Congressional Vote In November. In a May CBS poll, when asked which issue would be the most important in deciding a vote for Congress in November, more voters selected health care than any other issue. [CBS News, 5/6]