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President Biden Continues to Lead on Lowering Drug Prices for American Families 

By December 6, 2021No Comments

The Build Back Better Act Will Drive Down Insulin Costs for Millions of Patients

Washington, D.C. — Today, President Biden delivered remarks on the Build Back Better Act’s critical provisions to make insulin more affordable for millions of patients. The historic legislation gives Medicare the power to negotiate for lower insulin prices and caps insulin costs at $35 per month for patients with health insurance. During the event, Iesha Meza, a young Arizonan and type 1 diabetic, told her story of struggling to afford her prescriptions and explained why Build Back Better will help. Here is Iesha sharing her story at a rally with Senator Klobuchar and Protect Our Care in September. Iesha also appeared at Protect Our Care’s “Lower Costs, Better Care” bus tour stop in Phoenix. 

For decades, high drug prices have been a top concern for Americans from all walks of life. In addition to lowering insulin costs, the Build Back Better Act works to deliver relief to seniors and families  by giving Medicare the power to negotiate, cracking down on outrageous price increases, and capping seniors’ out-of-pocket drug costs. In response, Protect Our Care Executive Director Brad Woodhouse issued the following statement:  

For too long, diabetics in this country have had to pay far too much to get the medications they depend on. It is unfathomable that, even when insulin costs only a few dollars to produce, drug companies have hiked insulin prices to hundreds of dollars for one month’s supply. With Build Back Better, President Biden and Democrats are working to put an end to Big Pharma’s broken system that has forced patients to choose between putting food on the table and affording the very medications they need to survive. Now, the Senate must work quickly to pass this historic legislation to lower health care costs so millions of families can finally sleep a little easier at night.”