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President Trump and Republicans Are Trying to Dodge Political Consequences of Their Lawsuit to Rip Apart American Health Care

By January 10, 2020No Comments

Washington, DC — Today, the Trump administration and Republican states bringing the disastrous lawsuit to overturn the Affordable Care Act filed responses to the Democratic states’ cert petition filed last week which argued that the Supreme Court should immediately take this case and get the politics out of our health care system. In their statement, Republicans proved they are more worried about the politics of this case rather than the health care of millions of Americans who are at risk because of their lawsuit. In response to the Republicans’ statement today, Protect Our Care Executive Director Brad Woodhouse released the following statement: 

“The only reason the Trump administration and Republicans would object to the Supreme Court taking up this case is their desire to send it back to a partisan judge who will wait until after the election to rip apart the health care law. It’s been clear all along that Republicans just want to overturn the law but they want to hide their actions from voters in an attempt to avoid political consequences in an election year. The Supreme Court has a clear duty to hear this case and get the politics out of our health care system. The court can finally put an end to the terrible uncertainty created by this lawsuit that hangs over the health care of millions of Americans.”